Firearms Training

Basic Firearms Training Level 1

This course is aimed at individuals who are new to handling firearms or to those who are at an intermediate level. It is also an excellent course as a refresher to the Security Firearms Training course. This course emphasises the importance of firearms safety in relation to handling and use of firearms. Individuals are closely supervised and trained by our experienced and qualified instructors. This course is a very informative and fun introduction and would suit the individual who has just commenced or thinking of commencing sports recreational target shooting. This course can progress  the successful individual to more advanced levels of firearms training.


Gold Coast

Cost $400

Tactical Pistol training Level 2

This course of Security Firearms Training is designed by SWAT International as a specialist firearms course with medium to high level drills which focuses on target selection and rapid engagement at medium to short distance. This course teaches the specific details and techniques in relation to accurate shooting, magazine changes and immediate action drills to keep the firearm in action and in the engagement.

Suitable to IPSC shooters, Security providers, Police and Military personnel.


Gold Coast

Cost $500

Tactical Pistol Level 3  
This is the graduate course for SWAT International pistol students. This is a high level course in firearms training that will challenge you regardless of your prior training elsewhere. Those who qualify will earn their Certificate of Attendance.
Suitable to IPSC shooters, Security providers, Police and Military personnel.
Gold Coast 
Cost $600


Advanced Tactical Pistol Course
SWAT International delivers this advanced level course of firearms training that specialises in training that is designed to enhance skills and tactics already learned by professionals. 
Suitable for Security Providers CIT, CPP Providers engaged in overseas PSD, Police and Military personnel only.
Gold Coast 
Cost $900


Close Quarter Pistol (CQP)

This course of Firearms Training is a high intensity shooting and tactics course that will dramatically change your response to a close quarters confrontation. SWAT International has designed the CQP course to enhance an officer's or operator's threat response options in relation to the actions of subjects and combatants. CQP also refines weapons retention and close quarter combative techniques designed to provide an officer or operator the tools needed to survive and prevail in a close quarter situation.


Suitable for Security Providers CIT, CPP Providers engaged in overseas PSD, Police and Military personnel only.


Gold Coast 

Cost $1200



Firearms Coaching

Looking to receive on going coaching to improve your skills? SWAT International provides one on one coaching sessions with their qualified and experienced Instructors. These sessions can be designed for the beginner or the experienced shooter and can focus on improving the skills desired by the individual shooter. You can shoot for as long as and as many rounds as you want to pay for.


Suitable for anyone who currently holds a firearms licence.


Gold Coast 

Cost $120 first hour then $50 per every extra hour*. 

Discounts apply for NSWPOL and QPS officers. 


*Does not include cost of ammunition .



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