Security Weapons Advanced Training

SWAT International specialises in a wide selection of firearms coaching, firearms safety training, security firearms training, tactical firearms training, defensive weapons, security weapons training, self defence training, close personal protection and much, much more. Our Trainers and Assessors are professionals and bring many years experience in their relative fields and take great pride in the delivery of current, relevant, quality unacredited training. 
So contact us and let's discuss how SWAT International can help you obtain or increase your skill level.

Shane McAuley
Training Manager/ Instructor

Shane has been a Trainer and Assessor for over 22 years and has experience in a cross section of fields in particular security, animal training security firearms training and weapons training, first aid and advanced first aid. Shane's long term vision has always been to align with and bring together a group of like minded, highly skilled professional individuals who would share his desire to deliver training that goes above and beyond the usual mundane forms of training that cover the bare minimum but rather to develop realistic relevant training courses that are second to none. Shane's vision is to bring together a "one - stop shop" for all facets of Firearms Training and weapons training for those in the International and domestic security industry as well as for law enforcement and military professionals wanting to improve their skills. 

SWAT International is that eventuality.

Mick Roberts
Senior Instructor

Mick is a military trained, professional consultant, displaying experience within the Security industry.This experience spans 33 years, including service in the Australian Army, deployment to Indonesia, Iraq  and Afghanistan either leading or training Australian and American PSD / Close Protection teams. Mick's most recent deployment was Team Leader of Team 4 for the Australian Ambassador and Embassy staff in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2012. 

This experience includes the instruction of Defensive Tactics, security weapons, specialising in 'armed and unarmed' Combat Training in hostile environments Tactical Pistol and Rifle Instructor.

Since joining the SWAT International team, Mick has recently developed a 3 tier Tactical Pistol course suitable for all professionals who use firearms in the course of their duties as well as the keen IPSC shooter wishing to improve their skills with the pistol. Mick has also developed a  Women's self defence courses as well as Security Weapons, Edged Weapon and Defensive Tactics seminars which is a must for all Security personnel and law enforcement professionals.

“We're a small and growing security industry training provider who works in partnership with TALON Education and Training to deliver nationally recognised training in a variety of fields. We look forward to meeting you and helping you define your goals, develop new skills and achieve your goals and direction for your future. So what are you waiting for? "

Shane McAuley

Training Manager/Instructor

SWAT International

Security Weapons Advanced Training

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SWAT Iinternational Security Weapons Advanced Training

Specialising in security firearms training and security weapons training for the Security Industry